GFG Featured Artist: The Soft Boys

Not an experimental band and not a noise band, but loosely associated with the psychedelic punk sounds of early 80’s England.  Kindred spirits of XTC and the Television Personalities, the band lead by Robyn Hitchcock put out some of my favorite pop songs.

Because of my age, I never saw the Soft Boys live and because of sheer laziness, I didn’t see Hitchcock until he toured with The Flaming Lips and Sebadoh on the Music Against Brain Degeneration tour.  Hitchcock was charming a funny in the most British of ways and honestly, I found his set to be the best and most engaging on that tour.  Sebadoh was a huge disappointment and the Lips, who I’d seen as a full rock band were awkwardly playing along to pre-recorded drum tracks.

This particular song has been stuck in my head lately, because much like so many other songs that were important to me in my formative years is being used in a TV commercial.

Slight change to the “buy” feature.  Instead of linking to Amazon, I’ll be linking to record stores such as Reckless Records in Chicago and Amoeba in California.

Reckless Records

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