GFG Featured Track: Roscoe Mitchell – Bells for the South Side

Roscoe Mitchell is a native Chicagoan and jazz musician who was a member of the Art Ensemble of Chicago (I’ll get to them in a later post).  A buddy of mine turned me on to this and I was drawn in pretty quickly.

Back when I was in college, when stuff like this would come on WNUR or WZRD, we would all joke that while this stuff is cool to play, it’s hard to listen to.  I no longer agree with my 19 year old self and as a 40 something weirdo, I’ve grown to appreciate the more abstract.  While it doesn’t sound particularly musical on the surface, there’s a lot going on here, so get comfortable and give it a spin.

Author: gofreaksgo

Life long Chicagoan and Northwest side resident. Lover of music, off kilter outsiders and fuck ups. A List of My Ailments - - Chronic Goth Disorder - Early Onset Grumpiness - Bad Knees

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